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ADEI is involved in all aspects of the foundation industry, we aim to provide value engineering and scheduling options to bring your project in on time and under budget.


Whether the design calls for micropiles, caissons or augercast (continuous flight auger) we have the machinery and experience to install them quickly and efficiently. Micropiles are usually less than 12” in diameter and used mainly for high capacity loads in areas of limited access and low headroom. Caissons are typically 18” in diameter and can be up to 10’ in diameter and are mainly used for large foundation structures or bridges. Augercast or CFA piles are used to help mitigate noise and in areas affected by groundwater. The cement or grout is pumped under pressure to the bottom of the drilled shaft and displaces the water upwards as it is pumped in. The use of non-vibratory methods allows for the installation of piles in highly built up areas where vibration can undermine the existing surrounding foundations or for environmentally sensitive areas.


Through the use of soldier beams and lagging installed every 5-8 feet using conventional methods or using secant piles, sheet piling or caissons we create a safe working environment to allow the construction of the foundation system for your project. For deep foundations tiebacks or a raker system will be required to provide additional strength to the shoring walls as excavations in some cases may exceed 50’ or 60’ below grade.


Through the use of grouted tiebacks we can create an open area free of obstructions that will allow other subcontractors greater accessibility to the site and to provide a much cleaner finished foundation without having to install block outs. Tiebacks consist of drilling through shoring walls to install rod or strand anchors while using grout to create a bonded area to reach the required horizontal strength. If tieback agreements cannot be acquired or there is simply not enough room then a raker system will be installed to create the required horizontal strength. Using steel pipes that meet the wall at approximately 45 degrees and are embedded in a footing installed below finished grade will create the required support.


Through the use of permanent shotcrete walls with epoxy coated soldier beams or a soil nail system ADEI can create a high quality sculpted and crafted product that will blend into the natural surroundings. Whether the retaining wall is used for slope stabilization, to increase usable lot area, or simply to add a certain aesthetic to an area there are many options to meet your needs.


If soil has already eroded or if preventative work is desired ADEI provides site specific equipment and solutions for your projects. Through the use of our Lo-drills or portable drilling equipment we can work in limited access or hard to reach locations.


Using our specialized tight access machinery or portable hand drills ADEI can provide retrofitting or strengthening for hard to reach projects. Our rigs are small enough to enter work areas with only 3’ of horizontal clearance, work in areas with less than 10’ of vertical clearance or work in situations where other constraints limit the size and reach of much larger equipment such as drilling under power lines or in basements.


To increase the stability of over-steepened slopes a soil nail and shotcrete facing system may be used. Typically a soil nail wall system will be more cost effective than similar cantilevered systems. Most soil nail systems begin with excavation from the top down and every 2’-10’ (depending on soil conditions) an almost horizontal hole will be drilled and a soil nail will be grouted into place to support the newly vertical slope. Excavation and drilling will continue until the bottom is reached.


As more and more focus is centered on the impact on the environment ADEI has the experience and equipment to assist with assessing of subsurface impacts to soil and groundwater. From drilling methane wells in landfills to acquiring soil and groundwater samples in environmentally sensitive areas we comply and exceed all required mandates.


By teaming up our excavation and shoring teams we strive to increase productivity and efficiency. Being in control of both sides allows for greater coordination with crews and equipment. Our excavation crews have the experience to work on deep excavation, hillside & slope repair, finish grading, backfill, import & export and support for drilling operations.




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